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Methodical iPad Training from Top Class iPad Faculties

We at HP computer proffer job-oriented iPad training that helps students to shape their career as a proficient iPad developer. In addition to our precise training for iPad, we also provide them training to work with actual industry by facilitating them to work on live projects. We provide training from the top-class iPad faculties who teach them methodically. Our higher level of the iPad training helps you to boost your career as an expert iPad developer.


Course Curriculum


  • Welcome
  • Prerequisites

Creating iPad Projects

  • Creating an Ipad-only application
  • Supporting all orientations
  • Creating multiple launch images

Using Popovers

  • Introduction to popovers
  • Creating a popover and a popover delegate

Using Gestures

  • Introduction to iPad gestures
  • Responding to taps
  • Responding to long presses
  • Responding to pinches
  • Responding to swipes
  • Responding to rotations

Porting Existing iPhone Applications

  • Creating universal applications
  • Upgrading existing iPhone applications
  • Updating property list and icon files
  • Detecting device information

Developing For the iPad

  • What's different about developing iPad
  • Understanding iPad-specific UI elements
  • Using existing applications with compatibility mode

Using Split-View Applications

  • Creating a split-view application
  • Loading data into split-view controller
  • Communicating between panes of a split view
  • Customizing the split view

Using Modal Views

  • Introduction to modal views
  • Creating a modal view
  • Using different modal view styles

Using Video

  • Adding video to an application
  • Using the video player


  • End of iPad Application Development
Registration Last Date is 30 May 2022, Please pay your fee online directly in company’s bank account. Cash fee payments are not allowed at any center. If someone is asking for cash fee payment, please don’t pay and report us. We will not release any certifications on cash fee payments.

Summer Internship 2022. Pay Registration Fee Online ( UPI ID - [email protected] ) or Through Link - Rs.1500/-

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